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Working with JMBI gives clients all the benefits of engaging a high-touch, boutique firm without conceding any of the advantages of a big brokerage. With JMBI there are no siloes or bureaucratic red tape, which allows us to work smarter, more efficiently and to out perform the competition.

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Property & Casualty

Consulting and Brokerage Services

With a three-pronged approach to client solutions, prioritizing proactive strategy, attention to detail and “always on” service, JMBI places $750 million of business into the market annually, with 75% of that business in the Real Estate and Hospitality Industries. From due diligence to marketing, collaboration to risk mitigation, 360 business strategies to managing allocations, invoices, and contract review, JMBI is a full-service and high-impact partner to our clients across business sectors, size and scope. JMBI works with all the major insurance companies and pride ourselves in the strength of trusted working relationships with our carriers. We also have a best-in-class, in-house claims team that brings clients peace of mind and confidence, even in challenging moments for their business.

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Private Client

Property & Liability and Financial Solutions

JMBI brings expertise, experience and creative problem solving to our rolodex of families who have relied on our counsel and partnership for more than 40 years. We collaborate with family office leadership and other advisors to build comprehensive personal risk management programs that reflect our deep understanding of clients’ assets and objectives and investment in long-term trust. Our practice specializes in every aspect of personal risk management, including: income protection replacement and replacement, wealth protection and transfer, asset and liability protection, confidential medical and financial underwriting, claims advocacy and a continuous review of personal assets and the risk landscape.

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Benefit Solutions

Consulting and Brokerage Services with Health & Welfare Insurance

We work with employers across sectors and of varying sizes to help them craft custom benefits solutions for their employees, serving as advisors to and advocates for our clients. We provide a full range of health and welfare benefits, as both the strategic advisors who help build competitive and comprehensive benefits packages and partners in administration and compliance for those benefits. We help clients with their medical, dental, vision, life, disability and worksite benefits plans, maintaining direct market relationships with carriers that help unlock value for our clients by ensuring we are always engaged in the process to provide the most cost-effective benefits with the highest level of service. We aggressively negotiate with all carriers and proactively prepare renewals on behalf of our clients, with a detailed process to give employers all the information they need with confidence that all the legwork is being handled on their behalf and in line with their business plans and best interests.

Experience the JMBI Difference


JMBI is a privately held firm serving a global roster of more than 2,000 clients. We are leaders in Commercial Property & Casualty, Benefit Solutions and Private Client solutions and services. JMBI's strong business perspective delivers risk management plans to support clients' business strategies and meet the challenges of an evolving, increasingly complex world. Our boutique culture drives our client-first model of hands-on service, while our leading industry insights, market relationships and specialty network of partners deliver best-in-class results for clients across business sectors, geographies, size and scope.