Compensation Statement


JMB Insurance Agency, Inc. (“JMB Insurance” or “JMBI”) is a full-service independent insurance brokerage and consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Depending on the nature of our client engagement, the compensation payable to JMB Insurance with respect to our services may come in the form of carrier/vendor commission payments and/or fees that are directly funded by our clients.

JMB Insurance acknowledges that the agency may earn contingent and/or other payments from insurers or other service providers.  These amounts are typically earned based on factors that are not client-specific, such as the volume or performance of the agency’s overall business with an insurer.  JMB Insurance does not compensate or otherwise direct its insurance professionals to place or renew our client’s insurance coverage or related services with specific providers, except to do so in the client’s best interest.

In addition to the fees or commissions earned by JMB Insurance, other parties, such as excess and surplus lines brokers, reinsurance intermediaries, underwriting managers and third-party administrators may also earn compensation for their role(s) in providing products and/or services under their separate contracts with insurers, reinsurers and/or other service providers.

If you have any questions with regard to the compensation payable to JMB Insurance on your account, please contact your Account Executive.  Or, upon written request to our Accounting Department, JMB Insurance will provide client-specific compensation information.

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