Webcast: From Earthquakes to Foreclosures

How An Ever-Changing World Is Affecting Your Insurance

This Friday, April 22, at 12pm CST, American Housing Radio will feature an interview with Lee Brodsky, president of Mortgage Banking Insurance Group and 30-year veteran of the mortgage banking insurance industry. Titled Taking Risk Out Of Doing Business, Lee will discuss such topical mortgage industry issues as:

  • How could the Japan earthquake and tsunami affect the insurance industry? And, in turn, mortgage bankers?
  • What insurance coverages are required by investors and warehouse lenders?
  • What non-required coverages are just as important in protecting your business from large uninsured losses?
  • What could the recent spate of large mortgage fraud cases mean for future premiums?
  • With an increase in both non-performing loans and foreclosures, what impact could this have on force placement and REO insurance?

Listen to it Live Here >>>

Can’t make it? The audio will be posted as a downloadable mp3 shortly after the broadcast at the same above link. Or, visit the News page of our site where we’ll also post the audio files for download (you can also read relevant industry articles there).