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– Point Mortgage

I was working with another insurance company and their rates went up drastically, so I was looking for another provider. Someone recommended Lee to me. So, I called him. And, let me tell you, the good thing about Lee is that when you call him, he answers his phone every single time. If there’s an issue, he jumps on it right away. That’s the way I like to do business. I can call him right now, merge him into this conversation, and he’ll answer. It doesn’t matter where he’s at. My past company I had to call into an automated system, there was an extension… I call Lee on his cell phone. He’s just personable. He works one-on-one.

Lee provided his quotes. He could save me money. The coverage was better. And, Lee provides a better service. It was just a better experience. So, it was a no-brainer. I moved over EVERYTHING: Fidelity Bonds, Errors & Omissions, Cyber, Professional Liability and Surety Bonds. Anything that has to do with insurance for my company. It’s been great ever since.

His team is on point, too. If I need something smaller, I don’t even bother him. If I need a Surety Bond for a new state, I just shoot over an email to this team. They set up the bond, send me the invoice and it’s done. They’re fast. Which is good because in the mortgage banking industry, time is our biggest enemy. We work on a clock. A client has a contract that we need to help them complete in a certain amount of time. If I’m going to go into a certain state, and I don’t have the licensing in that state, I lose it. Mortgage Banking Insurance Group makes it as easy and simple as possible.

I have a lot of sensitive data in my server and running through the third-party cloud software I use. We all know that hacking and fraud is a big problem. I have to protect my customers. I need to stay compliant. I mean, if they can hack Chase and Equifax… I make it a point to make sure we’re on top of our security, to make sure no one hacks into our servers. Now, if they do? We have the Cyber policy in place to help us provide support to our customers. Lee was key in helping us find a policy that works for us.

I highly recommend him. I don’t refer anybody… but I would refer people to Lee.

– Johnny Margarini
Point Mortgage