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– Interfirst

Lee’s been providing our Fidelity and E&O insurance for a long time. When I started with the company in 2010, we were already working with him and have continued working with him ever since. He’s very knowledgeable. He has a lot of experience in the industry, and it shows. He provides us with a lot of guidance and good advice. I like that about him. I like working with him.

At one point, just to do my due diligence, I talked to some other brokers and providers. But, I decided to continue working with Lee and Mortgage Banking Insurance Group, because I knew he would continue to give us the best service.

For one, he has the ability to look at a lot of different options from multiple carriers, which results in us getting the best price. But, what’s also important to me is that he provides good service. He’s fast to respond to inquiries and emails. He cares. He has gotten to know the company and so can provide good feedback as well as answer our questions. I like that.

It also helps that he specializes in working with mortgage lending companies like ours, so he knows what it is we need. He understands what’s required by different sellers and investors. In fact, he understands what the industry requirements are. That’s really helpful.

Really, he just makes it easy for us. He’s thorough so there aren’t delays in getting our coverage. He doesn’t waste my time. He saves us time, which is key to how we can be successful as a business.

– Dana Smith-Hill
VP Compliance