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– Gantry

In general, I’ll admit, the insurance industry consistently provides our mortgage banking firm many challenges. Thankfully, Lee has been able to provide clarity to our many questions and find the right mix that helps protect us without breaking the bank. He stays on top of the mortgage lending industry and knows what coverage is needed in an evolving marketplace. That’s what sets him apart from other agents. They don’t have as strong an understanding of our industry and our type of business. Lee delivers on what he says he’s going to provide, so we have confidence in him.

We’ve been working with Lee for over ten years. I can’t even remember what type of coverage we started working with him on but it was probably our Mortgage Fidelity and E&O. Over time, more and more of our policies have migrated to Mortgage Banking Insurance Group, so that, at this point, most of our corporate insurance is with them.

It’s not that I’ve handed him the business. I put him into the mix from a competitive standpoint, and he’s always been able to “win the day” from the perspective of pricing, coverage and service. We recently moved our Professional Liability over to him. Rather than just automatically renew with the carrier, we gave Lee the opportunity to find us something better. He brought a carrier to us that we weren’t familiar with, and the coverage and price were both better.

Like assessing most businesses, competition is an important element. I’d rather investigate the options than automatically renew with the same carrier simply because that’s who we were with before. So, I like that Lee understands our business and every year can shop around to a number of different carriers, both the mainstream ones and alternatives I’m not as familiar with. By reviewing our options every year, we know we’re getting the best coverage and that’s why Lee has taken over so much of our business.

– Michael Heagerty