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Meeting A Company’s Coverage Goals At 1/3 The Cost

– Atlantic Home Equity

For years, I had been using the same source for Fidelity and E&O coverage, and each year the premiums were going up by staggering numbers. This year it actually increased 50%. I decided I needed to competitively shop these, so I reached out to Lee. He was able to get me identical coverage for a third of the annual premium my previous broker had quoted.

I told Lee that in my particular case, I wasn’t buying coverage for the protection it might offer. I’m very hands-on and have set up my organization with specific checks and balances. So, I’ll take my chances. I needed the coverage for only one reason–to satisfy my warehouse lender and investors. Lee knew these companies personally. In fact, just the week before, he had been in the warehouse lender’s office talking about their requirements. So, he knew how to get me a policy that would make them happy and have the lowest possible premiums for me. That’s all I ever wanted.

He was certainly willing to take the time to educate me on additional risks and provide his recommendations. But, he was also willing to respect my decisions and work with me to get what I wanted.

He’s the go-to guy for me now. I’ve been telling everyone I know in the mortgage business about Lee and his company and saying they should contact him. Because even if they have different goals than me, he understands the industry very well and can meet their needs.

– Frank Weaver
Atlantic Home Equity