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Combining Policies or How We Overpaid Before We Found MBIG

– Vintage Mortgage Group

We actually have two sister companies: a mortgage banking business and a mortgage brokerage. I wanted to combine them under one insurance policy but had been told for 10 years that it wasn’t possible. As I began working with Lee, I mentioned this idea. He said, “You should be able to do that. Let me double check for you.” Based on his experience, he knew it was possible, knew the right questions to ask and the right people to talk to and he got it done.

In the past, we worked with someone whom we thought was knowledgeable about our business, insurance and the requirements of the mortgage industry. Turns out, over the last ten years, we were vastly overpaying on our premiums. Thankfully, through Lee’s diligence, we now have solid insurance at a significant savings.

Lee had to put in a lot of work for us. I’d been told for the last ten years we couldn’t combine our policies, so I really needed him to prove to me that it could be done. He was very patient with that process. He has 30+ years of experience and could usually provide me with answers off the top of his head. But, then, for my piece of mind, he would take the extra step of finding and providing documentation that would support his answers and recommendations.

He didn’t just provide an out-of-the-box insurance solution for us. He worked with the underwriters to pull together a policy that specifically fit with our company and personal needs. He then spent time walking us through it and explaining the process in detail. In addition, he negotiated with the insurance companies for a better premium. He noticed that they tried to pad the policy with extra fees, caught it and had the surplus removed. He was our advocate. Finally, I found someone who is as passionate about helping clients to their best benefit as I am.

We’re a small account but he treated us like we were a large one. We were thankful to find someone that actually listened to our request, and gave a true honest effort with amazing results. The experience was absolutely wonderful. I am now his biggest fan.

– Laura Raney
Vintage Mortgage Group