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Can’t Make Money Without Warehouse Lender Approval

– United Mortgage Group

We are a startup. So, this was our first go-around finding a Mortgage Banker’s Bond that included the Fidelity and Mortgage E&O Coverage that we needed. We initially worked with a few companies that don’t deal with this type of insurance on a consistent basis. When I had certain questions, they weren’t able to answer them. No fault of theirs. They just hadn’t been exposed to this type of insurance.

We were really in a crunch. As a new company, our insurance was the last thing we needed in order to be approved by our warehouse lender, correspondent lender and… pretty much everybody.

I was speaking with our warehouse lender and he referred us to Lee and Mortgage Banking Insurance Group. When Lee and I connected it was almost like… boom boom boom. This is what you need. This is what it is. This is how it works. Any questions? He was very clear and concise. I responded that I only had one question. He answered it right there on the spot.

Prior to meeting Lee, I thought finding the insurance we needed was way more difficult than it should be. But, after connecting with him it was seamless. He provided expertise and guidance that was unmatched by anyone else we had dealt with. He recognized that we needed to move fast and pushed the underwriters to expedite the process. In the time it took the other insurance brokers to come back to us with follow up questions, Lee had the whole process done–quotes, answering questions, underwriting, everything.

He was actually traveling for work as he was getting the policy quoted. He gave me a call and I said, “Lee, I didn’t expect to hear from you”. And he said, I just pulled the car over. I had some time between meetings and wanted to get back to you. Man, I remember thinking, this is customer service.

– Kirkland Glover
Senior Vice President
United Mortgage Group