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Better Coverage At A Better Price

– Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation

In 2006, we decided to review our Mortgage Banker’s Bond and Professional Liability Insurance. As a broker, Lee was able to price out multiple quotes from multiple carriers and found us a policy that had both a better price and better coverage. Over time, we began to switch more of our insurance (Surety Bonds, Property, Workers’ Comp) over to MBIG. In each case, the better pricing we were getting was definitely a factor but the improved coverage we were receiving is really what was key.

It’s extremely helpful to have all our insurance in one place. Before, I had to call around to four different companies. Now, everything is in one place and I can easily make changes as needed.

MBIG’s customer service is amazing. Lee visits us in person and is also easy to work with over email. If I put a request out, I’ll hear from someone right away. Plus, he keeps us informed. For instance, right now we’re considering adding on some additional non-required coverages. He’s very helpful in explaining how the coverage works and what other mortgage companies are doing. He shares his knowledge and experience, making it easier for us to make a decision.

I would definitely recommend Lee and MBIG. In my experience, there’s no comparison to the other companies I’ve dealt with.

Knock on wood we’ve never had an issue where we had to fall back on our insurance. But, I feel good knowing that MBIG is our agent. That’s one thing that I don’t have to lose sleep over.

– Isabella Pelroy
Licensing Manager
Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation